SEPTIC Helper 2000 is a blend of scientifically enhanced bacteria with enhanced enzyme production. Our new formulaton contains specific nutrients and micronutrients for superior waste degrading performance. Septic Helper 2000 acts as a catalytic agent and speeds up the decomposition rate of organic waste within your septic system.

THE METHOD is natural digestion of “food” by natural occurring friendly bacteria. Bacteria feed on organic wast matter and recycle back to simple basic parts of soil, air, and water they were formed from. Used by the natural laws that govern them, they feed on wastes by digesting, liquefying, and recycling them back to enrich our environment. These bacteria and enzymes produce no harmful by-products. Their action is complete and truly NATURAL.

Today, our systems do not receive an adequate bacteria supply from natural sources. Use of acids, caustics, detergents (and modern bacteriostats and disinfectants to kill germs), also kill the bacteria needed for septic systems to operate trouble free.

SEPTIC HELPER 2000 bacteria strains work together with your septic system’s naturally occurring bacteria to aid in quicker breakdown of difficult compounds and improve overall performance of any septic system.

Reduce Pump Outs

Septic Helper 2000 saves money and inconvenience by reducing the frequenscy of septic tank pumpouts. A small amount of SEPTIC HELPER 2000 can help liquefy and digest some organic solids. It will also help clean the lines leading to the septic tank. Our Bacteria and enzymes go to work immediately to help digest the organic solids and clean the wall of your system. It is carried out to the drain field to help reduce organic build up. Septic Helper 2000 is a treatment program for the entire system.

Maintain your Drain Field

In most cases, SEPTIC HELPER 2000 will solve any minor problems within 4-12 weeks. Ninety nine percent of all problems occur in your drain field due to build up on the lines. Our product contains both anaerobic and aerobic bacteria. Anaerobic bacteria will keep the tank working properly. Aerobic bacteria will function in your drain field to help restore your pipes to their original diameter. SEPTIC HELPER 2000 will restore your pipes at a rate of approximately ½” every 4-5 months. Unfortunately, some areas have hard or clay like soil. If this is the case, please allow an additional 4-6 weeks for SEPTIC HELPER 2000 to work properly.


SEPTIC HELPER 2000’s specially formulated nutrients, enhanced bacteria strains, and enzymes were designed specifically for septic systems. Please remember to use our product regularly!

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