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For less than $4.00 per month Septic Helper 2000 deploys Scientifically Enhanced Bacteria and Enzymes designed to efficiently maintain and prevent problems in your septic system.

Most of our customers don’t. By using Septic Helper 2000 every other month for preventative maintenance you will protect your entire septic system. This product is for do-it-yourself homeowners who are looking for ways to save money. Problems don’t just happen, they are created. Septic Helper 2000 every other month is your ticket to a long term healthy system.

Odors a caused from buildup in the lines or surface water. Septic Helper 2000 flushes out your lines and breaks down the organic buildup in the soil. This aides in the absorption of the surface water and prevents those terrible odors.

Septic Helper 2000 will break down the organic waste in the soil. This will open up the ground and help absorb the excess water.

Septic Helper 2000 will not kill tree roots. There are many products on the market that will kill tree roots, but they will also kill the bacteria in your system. It is rarely the roots that cause the problem. Instead it is everything that clings to the roots. Septic Helper 2000 will liquify all the organic material on and around the roots.

Septic Helper 2000 is completely safe to use and 100% natural. It is harmless to humans, animals, plant life, plastic piping and all your plumbing fixtures.

We cannot change your soil, but Septic Helper 2000 will break down the organic build up in the soil so that it may absorb the liquified waste. You need bacteria in your system so your tank and system will stay liquid at all times.

Periodic pumping is necessary to remove the sludge on the bottom of the tank. By pumping we take care of 1/3 of the system. Septic Helper is designed to maintain your system to keep your tank, lines, and drain field operating at full efficiency.

Septic Helper 2000 is not a miracle cure. If the tank is completely filled or clogged, it may need additional service. Our product will break down and liquify the organic waste the natural way. You may need to have your tank pumped out first and then continue to use our product as preventative maintenance to prevent this problem from happening in the future.

We have a 30 day money back guarantee. Simply email to arrange your return

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